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I'm traveling out of town during my 38th week of pregnancy for a week. I feel the need to have a back-up plan just incase I would go into labor there because I'll be 6 hours away from my birth center. There is a doctor in the town that I will be in that I feel very comfortable with because he was my family doctor for 18 years when I lived there. He isn't doing prenatal care currently, but I know that he has done deliveries in the past because he delivered my sister and many other children. I figured that since I do know this doctor pretty well that maybe he would be willing to deliver my baby if I would need him to even though he's not currently doing prenatal appts. The choice of doctors in this small town are very slim, and most of the other doctors aren't very good. So I'm going to fax him and see what his response is. Here is the letter I've typed up. Do you guys think this is okay or is there anything you would change in it?

Dear Dr. ......:

I'm expecting my first baby who is due on May 20, 2009. I'm planning on giving birth in ......... at a freestanding birth center with the midwives I've been seeing for prenatal care. However, I will be in the ........ area for about a week during my 38th week of pregnancy, and I would like to have a back-up plan incase I would go into labor while in ......... and am unable to make it to ......... If this were to happen, I would really like for you to deliver my baby. Would you be able to deliver my baby if I would go into labor while in ........ and am unable to get to ........? I would be willing to have a check-up on the day I arrive to ........ if you would like to discuss anything regarding my pregnancy or birth plans.

I am planning a natural birth and have included my birth plan for you to look at. My pregnancy is considered low-risk. I would be happy to get a copy of my prenatal records for you.

Could you please give me a call at my home phone, ........, and let me know whether or not you would be willing to deliver my baby at ...... if the need would arise while I'm there? Also, please let me know if you would like me to schedule a check-up for the first day I'm in town. I don't expect to have to deliver in ........, but I would feel much more comfortable knowing that I have a back-up plan with a doctor that I feel comfortable with.

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