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This is from Michael Steffe to the Gates Foundation:
printed with permission of the author
I'd rather be intact to experience pleasure to its fullest extent, without
physical and psychological damage and wear a condom to protect myself against
STD s than be brutally cut, mutilated and left with scars on my penis and having to wear a condom anyway to get effective

Circumcision on a non-consenting and defenseless child or anybody who
has been brainwashed to consent is brutal rape and soon will not be
accepted anymore by the majority of people, no matter how much
pro-circumcision propaganda is being done and how many lies are being

We all know that certain corporations profit from the circumcision crime; for
example the artificial lube industry and also those who make a profit from
stopping the bleeding, the medical and cosmetic industry, the psychology
industry, the war and crime industry as circumcision creates subconscious
revenge feelings, fear and abnormalities in the victims' brains. People who
wake up will revolt against those who want to enslave them with this rawest
form of sexual oppression called circumcision. It is an act of
terror performed on innocents and it is also cutting away pleasure and a part
of the body's immune system.

There are enzymes present under the foreskin which kill bacteria and viruses
by disolving their outer shells. Also, a condom works much better with a
foreskin than without it as the foreskin reduces friction by allowing the
shaft to move easily within the skin. The condom moves along with the moving foreskin and with this reduced friction the risk of breaking is reduced as well.

A foreskin,technically speaking, is like a ball bearing compared to a brass
bushing. Why do you think all car wheels have ball bearings and not
bushings? It's because the friction is reduced by the rotating balls in
between the moving parts. Even a child can understand the principle.

Circumcision sows seeds of fear and terror in children and it has changed
the behavior of people throughout history. It changed the way history took
its course through the absence of love. World Peace can only happen when this barbaric, evil and mutilating ritual has been banned from
this planet forever.

The circumcisers know that people are waking up and they are afraid of
the heat that is developing and that is why they now came up with this
newest lie of lies injecting the AIDS fear back into people by
telling them it would reduce the possibility of contracting STD s even
though they won't take responsibility to say a condom does not have to
be worn to get effective protection. They are contradicting their own

The so called "research" is not done by neutral scientists. It is
obvious that they express the hope of being able to convince people that
circumcision may have something to do with the prevention of AIDS. They are liars and
criminals which will be brought to justice by the people.

This is the end of this ancient evil crime! Everybody has the right to be
unharmed and to experience love and pleasure the way it was intended by God. There is no more excuse for this brain sick act against love.

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I'd mention that the Lancet refused to publish the study. From what I've read of Gates, he's not big on emotion. He likes facts.

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The Gates foundation has a bigger budget than many countries. They have declared war on AIDS and I think that is awesome.

I can see both sides. The current Gates study is infected men with uninfected spouses. Although we all think they are wasting their time. They can't hear something like "60% less likely" and not investigate it.

All I can say is I don't agree that there needs to be a study, but at least Gates Foundation is doing their own study instead of believing the B.S.
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