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*********LINK TO PICTURES AT THE END**********

~Lg. Bummis original(new) $5ppd

~Lg. Stacinator wool(ec, almost new)Blue $14ppd***SOLD***

~Lg. Bumpy night cover(I use the nights for daytime) (ec, almost new)safari print $8ppd**SOLD**

~Xlg. Bumpy night cover(ec, almost new)safari print $8ppd**SOLD**

~Lg. Polar Babies Happy Pants. very good condition $8ppd

~2 Lg.(I would say fit would be for 15-25lbs. They are just barely fitting my chubby 24lb. ds)wahm velcro wraps with fleece all around the bindings. pul with cotton on the outside with CUTE prints! $5ppd each.

~Med.Bummis Nylon pull on cover(new)$4ppd

****not everything has a picture at the moment. I figure you all know what the Bummis look like. I can put up a pic of the Sugarbums later if you want. Don't have time to add it right now.****

****Paypal please. Pm me with any questions you have****
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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