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LH, PCOS and ovulation

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ok.. so i have pcos and i have an 11mo. old and i haven' t gotten AF back yet...

So i was feeling a little funny the other day so i decidedly to randomly take an ovulation test that i had left over from trying for our little guy.. well it was positive and it knocked me off my rocker and i started thinkng omg i'm pregnant..

well i took another one a week later (today) and its still positive...sooo.. I know that ovulation tests are testing for the Luetenizing (sp?) Hormone (LH) that typically spikes before and during ovulation... Well having PCOS I understand that i have a constantly elevated level of LH does this mean the ovulation tests really don't tell me anything.. since it is just picking up my already high LH

are there any other pcos'ers out there that can help me..
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You are correct.
PCOS'ers usually can not go by OPK's......
Plus with your nursing, that throws your hormones off from normal non-preg levels.....

are you ttc? until your cycle returns, you could check for O using NFP methods, if you are trying to catch that first cycle...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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