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Liability for Selling Home Made Slings

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I am the co-leader of an Attachment Parenting group. The other leader suggested making and selling nursing pillows and slings as a fundraiser. Great idea, but I am worried about possible liabilities for the slings. Does anyone know anything about this or where I could get more information? (This is a not-for-profit group, not a business.)
Thanks in advance for your help!
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I am not practicing, but I'm technically a lawyer ... so I would worry a bit! My recommendation is that you contact the IL bar since they prob'ly have lawyers that will help you pro bono. My general understanding is that with a not-for-profit you wouldn't be personally liable for damages but that doesn't mean being sued (even if you win, etc.) is pleasant ... I hate to discourage you from doing something so wonderful, but I do think that it's best to check into these things and get informed ahead of time. Good luck. link below ...
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