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The Rudolf Steiner Library Newsletter for fall 2007 has some nice annotations.

Here are a couple:

Marion, Isabel, Christmas in the Family, Floris, 2006, 107 pgs.
Reminiscent of a long-time favorite, Festivals, Family, and Foods, this new book includes activities suitable for very young children, and crafts that older children (and adults) can enjoy on their own. Included are recipes, stories, songs, decorations, gifts--all brightly illustrated with both photos and drawings.

Lockie, Beatrys, Gardening with Young Children, Hawthorn Press 2007, 140 pgs.
We receive regular requests for books on gardening with children; this new one is a gem. Written by a Waldorf kindergarten teacher, it starts with some "down to earth facts" about different soils and which soils different plants prefer, and continues in this practical vein. How to fit gardening into an already busy school schedule? Why is autumn the best time to begin garden work? Season by season, Lockie presents projects, songs, and stories, always with a focus on creative, practical pedagogy in the context of a thriving garden.
Rudolf Steiner Library
[email protected]

and many more interesting reviews. The newsletter comes out 3 times a year, costs $16, and includes several articles and a lot of annotations. A useful source of information about recent waldorf related books and other materials.

Wanted to add that I'm done with the latest issue and will be happy to send it on to someone, if anybody wants it.
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