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Life With a Babe Week of 8/20

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OKAY, so I know this will not be a hopping thread, but I had to post and say I can't wait for you all to have your babies! I miss MDC and life is so crazy right now and when I check and see all the threads about pregnancy symptoms I can barely remember all that. Of course, sometimes I can barely remember my name these days.
: Seriously, I know your babies will come in good time. But looking forward to some life with a babe chat!

I meant to say earlier, I strung the beads we exchanged on a bracelet when I was in early labor and it was really nice to have. Thanks to everybody for that!

So, life with a babe: at her 1 week birthday, she is over the hump with the jaundice, which is great, so we just have to keep feeding her like mad and all will be well. It is still hard, extremely hard at times, but I feel like things get easier every day. Thank goodness for DH and my parents; the support and help is wonderful.
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I'm glad to hear that everything is going good. My new little one is also fighting jaundice bad. They had to put her on the blanket. They told us to expect that with a early baby. But she seems to be getting better. She also has decided that nursing is good and she is wanting to nurse every two hours. So it makes it a long night. My little one is a week old too. And I can't really remember life without her. Funny, uh? Keep me updated on ow your little one is doing.
The first week over already!!?? time sure goes by fast! It wonderful to here how you are adjusting to life with your freshies, exciting to think this will soon be a hoppin' thread!!

Originally Posted by nebraskamom
She also has decided that nursing is good and she is wanting to nurse every two hours.
Ooh, Nebraskamom, I am jealous. That's wonderful. Little Wiggler is convinced that, although she is hungry, the actual act of eating is not really appealing (most of the time). It is a constant struggle to get her to eat. Breastfeeding, breastfeeding with a nipple shield, bottlefeeding expressed breastmilk... wake up, wake up, wake up, baby! Over and over and over, just to get a little milk into this child! We are doing overnight feeds every 2-2.5 hrs as well, so I feel your pain. They did not end up having us do the bili blanket/light, which I was happy about that but I wonder if it would have perked her up a little more so she would be eating better now? I am really, really looking forward to when she is really into nursing. My supply is great, so that's a start.

Last night she was fussing because she was hungry and she just would NOT take my breast, and it was so frustrating I couldn't stand it. Then I went to change her and she pooped in this spectacular fashion all over the changing pad, the carpet, and my leg. I considered returning her to the baby store for a refund. So I gave her to DH for a while and spent a lot of time doing relaxation breathing and scrubbing the carpet. Wow. What a color. But then she kept opening her eyes at me and giving me this goofy gassy smile, like "WHAT, mom, what did you EXPECT?" Good thing they're so cute, huh?

Nebraskamom, have the peds given you any indication of when the jaundice will subside? Glad your little one is doing better too.
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