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Ligament pain anyone??

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I am 11+ weeks and am really starting to feel strong pulling, tugging and aching pains right along my hip bones and down my thighs. I have been putting a hot rice bag on them at night and that seems to help. Is this normal? What are round ligaments anyway and where are they? Anyone else?
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I've had them too lately. Especially when I'm out taking a brisk walk. It's because our uterus is growing! Yay!

Here's a definition of round ligament from The round ligament originates at the uterus horns, that is, the point where the uterus and the uterine tubes meet.This ligament leaves the pelvis, passes through the inguinal canal and continues on to the mount of Venus (outer female genitals) where its fibers spread and mix with the tissue of the mount of Venus. The function of the round ligament is maintenance of the ante-version of the uterus (a position where the fundus of the uterus leans ventrally).
I've been getting these pains for weeks now! I'm 13 weeks along and it's probably been going on since about week 6. It seems to be earlier and earlier with each pregnancy. Blah!
I'm about 13 1/2 weeks and I've started noticing these lately as well - especially when I sneeze. My uterus is just sore all over and is growing a lot lately.
YES! I am 11 weeks and have been having those same pains for the last week or so. I find it happens if I get off the couch too quickly or roll over in bed too fast. It is such a surprise and stops me from moving for a few seconds until it subsides. I don't remember this much with my dd, but this time I have two babies so maybe I am growing quicker or are more sensitive. I'm right there with ya!
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I'm almost 12 weeks and have been having these pains, too. At my first prenatal appointment, the nurse warned me I'd notice it a lot more than I did with my first pregnancy.

Originally Posted by kleinhund
I'm almost 12 weeks and have been having these pains, too. At my first prenatal appointment, the nurse warned me I'd notice it a lot more than I did with my first pregnancy.
Oh ok...that makes sense. With ds I didn't feel this until around 20 weeks, I was wondering why it was so much earlier this time.
I am not feeling this particularly yet.

One thing I have noticed is that I can sleep on my back without pain. I am wondering if it's the relaxing effect that pregnancy has on your ligaments that is allowing me to do this. I was in a car accident in Dec 1999 and i have a disc out of place. Since that accident, I cannot lay on my back or my stomach. I've been waking up on my back and it actually feels good.
Just jumping in from June '06 - I saw the thread in new posts and thought I'd add my 2 cents. I get really bad round ligament pain with each pregnancy, especially for a few days surrounding a growth spurt (which now seems to be every few days!). Anyways, my mw gave me Staphysagria (30c) - a homeopathic - which is amazing at getting rid of the pain when it hits. Mine gets so bad that there are times I have to double up or get on my knees up against the couch until it passes. If you have access to homeopathics, I would highly recommend it! (BTW, I use a liquid form of it - and take about 30 drops under my tongue. I would think the little white tablet form would work just as well.) HTH
And Congrats to you all!
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Thank you, MyLittleWonders! I had never heard of Staphysagria before. I'll be sure to check it out
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