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likely move to Charlotte after all....

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For a different job than the one we thought we might move for in 2004/2005! Likely near Matthews, NC to start off with, maybe Pineville, southeast Mecklinburg County or over the line in Union County...

We are still in the talking stages, but either it is a job on a silver platter, or it is a mighty big "test" or something. It would be a step in the direction of what DH wants to do long term, and has a lot of other intangible benefits.

Just wanted to say hey and start getting to know some of you. Probably won't relocate till at least September, but may make a few trips between now and then. DH has obligations at his current job that we think will keep us here in the Triangle till fall.
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Emomom, we are new to Charlotte (NC alltogether actually). There is another great website to get to know moms in the area:

Unfortunately I think that it zaps a lot of moms from this website, but it has been a great resource to me. Good luck with your move, we have enjoyed the area so far.
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