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lily padz ?

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I just bought some lily padz yesterday and I have been wearing them all day. They are great for preventing leaks - but - I think that one of them is not as sticky as the the other one. I have washed it and it still is not adhering to my skin as well as the other pad is and is leaving some room for leaks to happen. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder if I should contact the company.
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Mine are the same way, but after washing then in warm water and letting them air dry they seem a little bit better. Also after I put my bra on they are flush with my skin and I don't see a way they can leak...
If you so contact the company and this is not supposed to be this way please let us know!
The lady at the store said you could wear them without a bra but I don't see this being possible or it would fall off!
i just got mine in the mail today and have only been wearing them for 4 hours but *holy cow* i love them i love them i love them i love them

i wish that i'd known about them 3 months ago, gone are my lumpy leaky ugly a** coaster boobs! hooray!

mine are very very sticky and have worked great through 3 heavy letdowns and some topless jogging for joy around the house. i really hope that they continue to work.....your posts have me a little worried.....
I would contact the company. I work with them and they are really great(the owners/employees)! I know they will help you out!
I was thinking of getting these. do they really work for swimming? not that I'll be swimming now that it's getting cold...
I don't have the answer to your problem, but I'm glad to see some overall good reviews of these nursing pads. I leaked for months with ds and went through boxes and boxes of those disposable pads. I tried the cloth ones, but I leaked right through them. And I was worried I had a low milk supply.
Being a new mommy can really make you crazy!
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