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Lily Padz

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Can the Lily Padz cause yeast/thrush? I just got a pair because it seems that the disposable pads or even reusable pads show through all my bras.

For the first time, the right breast/areola seems a little sore. It is whiter than it usually is. I have checked little man's mouth and nothing. Other than that, I have had no changes. I am taking acidophillus (probiotics) and I also use a vinegar/water on a cotton ball after nursing when I am home.

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Unless you have the yeast problem to start what you are experiencing is pretty normal. It's blanching from the pressure as you release it. You may have a fuller breast and so it is compressed more than usual. I always try to keep my lily padz for when I am not home. Just to make sure my nipples get enough fresh air!
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