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Line drying prefolds? How many do you have?

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So if I were to line dry prefolds, how many prefolds would I need so that I wouldn't run out before one load was done drying? About twice as many?

Ok, maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to buy more prefolds
, but when we get out of this apt I'd really like to give line drying a try.

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IT depends on how hot it is when you dry them! It takes a load anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours depending on the weather (lately in 80 degree mild weather, hanging them out at 12 noon has taken about an hour and a half). But go ahead and buy more- they're cheap!

Oh- also we have very LOW humidity, so if you are in a humid area that is also a consideration.
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I guess I didn't really answer your question. We used 30 prefolds and did diaper laundry every other day on our newborn. HTH!
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Wow! 45 Min? I'm drying them for 70 min in the dryer. I guess I thought it would take all day, but even 4 hours wouldn't be too bad.
As I said- it depends on the weather. Here in CA we frequently have HOT summer days (100 F) that dry laundry in no time, but usually it's a little longer than that.
I have about 28 premium prefolds, plus a handful of fun fitteds and night-time FB (and 20 infant prefolds that are occasionally used). I do laundry every 2-3 days depending on my mood. I only bother line-drying when it's sunny out because I live in the unpredictable Northwest and the weather is... ummm... interesting.

On a nice 70-80 degree day, if I put the diapers on the line by 10am, the dyed prefolds are dry by about noon-1pm, ubcpf's are dry by 2-3pm if it's still sunny. This may change once the weather heats up.
I'm in central CA - right now it takes about an hour to line dry - but during the winter I can hang them out there all day and they'll still be damp. Like everyone has said, it all depends on where you are. During the winter I put a drying rack up in my living room and dry my dipes overnight. Usually by morning they are dry, if not totally then 10 minutes in the dryer finishes them off. Of course I have TONS of prefolds so I am in NO danger of running out while mine dry. I *think* I have about 3 dozen premium, 3 dozen regular and a dozen infant OMG - that's 84 prefolds! I could diaper quadruplets on that couldn't I? :LOL where is that cloth diaper buyers anonymous number again .....
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I'd say you'll probably need about 4 dozen (which of course may vary depending on how long they take to line dry in your area). I had 3 dozen infant CPFs that I line dried, and I probably would have liked to have a dozen more.
Probably 4-5 dozen, depending on the heat & humidity.
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