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liner fleece vs. cover fleece ??

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What's the differnce between the two? How can you tell if fleece will work for a liner (not repel, in other words) or whether its better for a cover (will repel/be waterproof)?

And, what about the $9.99 fleece at Joanns (it's on sale for 3.99)?
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well if you go for the maiden mills stuff the heavier stuff like the windpro and 200 plus stuff is better for the outside. If used as an inner it would repel rather then absorb. (Im pretty sure) As for the stuff at Joannes....the microfleece and the other stuff works well for inners. The heavier anti-pill stuff you can use for an outer if you double up (so I am told). I do have a little of the regular stuff I cut up to make liners and it works just as well. I am not sure if its the anti pill stuff or just fleece as it was a remnant I bought. Hope this helps some. I hope I have all the info right...Im getting some fleece soon so maybe I can tell ya better once Ihave more experience
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Is there a way to tell once you already have the fleece?
Well for the liner part maybe. I've not read any answers to your questions in other places, but here is something I tried once that might work for you: I wanted to see if a fleece receiving blanket would work for an inner. I laid it on top of a washcloth (a prefold, etc would work) and turned the faucet on a bit. After a few seconds, the water soaked into the washcloth but the blanket felt completely dry. So I know I can use it for an inner.
I suppose if I had wanted to check it for an outer, I would have laid a washcloth (etc.) on top of the fleece AND another underneath the fleece, wet the washcloth on top, and then laid something heavy on top. After a while I would have checked the washcloth underneath to see if any of the water had soaked through. If there was any doubt, I'd make sure the top cloth was of similar absorbancy to my actual soaker and added about how much I thought might come out in one "pee".
Hope that makes sense and that it helps.
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So, the sale stuff I bought at Joann's works great! It keeps E's skin super dry, even when his dipe is soaked!

It's thicker than the fleece in FBs is why I worried, but no need!

THanks for the tip on testing fleece, our3boys!
You're welcome. Hope you can use it.

I might take a look at JoAnn's next time I am there for the sale stuff.
It would be very hard to find the 'waterproof' fleece at stores like Joanns or Hancock Fabrics. It is more likely that you would have to look at speciatly stores or buy it on line.

'Waterproof' fleece is considerably more expensive and would not be sold for $3.99. (as far as I know)
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