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My birthday just past, and MIL and Fil gave me $100 play money. I'm thinking of either getting a custom bra made(it's pricey, but I'm told it is SO worth it), but thinking it may be bad timing being 7 months + into the pregnancy. BUT I could also take a course on how to do it for myself.

Anyone do this? Is it worth it?

LOL.. I just found out how bras are sized.... I never knew. If you are a 32C, and after a baby your rib cage expands to 34.... you're NOT a 34c but a 34B, and if it had expanded to a 36 you'd be a 36A. And all this time I thought the boobie fairy was charging interest on the

To find out what you're size is, you measure the rib cage under the breast, snug but not tight, then add either 4 or 5 inches to get that even #(32, 34, 36, 38, etc) this is the full bust, and will be the band size. Then you measure at the fullest part of the breast. This is not a tight measurement, this is the high bust. Measurements are best done in a well fitting bra. Then subtrat the full bust from the high bust and the difference will help dictate the the cup size. less than one inch is AA, 1-2 inch is A, 2-3 is B, etc. Now I know what they say 80% of women aren't in the right size!

So should i go for the course? I'm tempted, but it would be before the baby comes cause I'm not leaving my new born for 2 full days.
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