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want to hear a theory...and remember I am no expert and it's just a theory but I think if you have what you think are BH and you end up with labour then they were not BH contractions but real labour contractions.

I have the occasional "real" contraction this pregnancy...but I am also having frequent BH...they are different. The BH while uncomfortable at times are not as painful...the real contractions make me real nervous...fortunately I only have maybe one a week.

In my last pregnancy I only had BH...I don't remember having real contractions until the last few weeks. I had BH from about 12 daughter was born 16 days past the due date.

I think the early contractions you have are labour contractions...real ones...and that's why they lead to labour...if they were indeed just BH it wouldn't cause you to go into labour at all.

That said..maybe the contractions you are having are BH this time and won't lead you to labour...let's hope that's the case

Remember this is a theory...

disprove me at will

Take care
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