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I just can't seem to find an answer to this question anywhere online. Do you know if there is actually a link between women that have many strong BHC beginning early in their pregnancy (1st trimester), & experiencing premature labor and/or birth later in their pregnancy??

I ask because: This is my 3rd pregnancy. I am 17 weeks along. As with my previous pgs I started contracting during about my 10th week. My contractions are painful to very painful. I often have several an hour every hour, my midwife has told me to call her if I have more then 12 in 2 hours but honestly, I have that many pretty frequently. She's kinda freaked out, as were all my care providers in my previous pgs. Lying on my left side does usually calm my crazy uterus down, but not always.

With my 1st pg, eventually I wasn't able to stop the contractions & went to the hospital with premature labor at 28 weeks, again at 30 weeks or so, & she was born at 34 weeks. I was on bedrest since 28 weeks.

With my 2nd child, when my crazy BHC started up, my OBs put me on "partial bedrest" right away, at about 12 weeks. I had a zillion Cx as with my 1st pg, but he was born right on time at 40 weeks.

So my real question I am trying to figure out is, how concerned should I *really* be regarding my BHC this pregnancy?? I wish I had the magic answer! And you know what I *REALLY* want to know is, can I go to Burning Man when I'll be 27 weeks along???????
I reallyreallyreally want to go!!

Tomorrow I'm going to ask my mw if I will be able to get the fetal fibronectin test (cervical swab that tests for signs of labor beginning within 7-14 days) just before Bman, but I don't know if that would make any sense because we'd already have spent gazillions of dollars on Bman supplies & tickets & such & my dd is already sooo excited as this will be her 1st year.

AND, I just don't know how "careful" I should be taking it, y'know? Being that I was put on bedrest my previous pgs, I want to know if I should expect that again or just RELAX & not worry too much about my darn BHC. I would really like to know if statistically, heavy BHC are linked to early labor, AND, if any amount of bedrest will help me.

If you've read this far, thank you for listening!
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