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Linseed oil safety

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Did a bunch of research on the web because of the Moscow Coop "recipe" for oilcloth. Apparently, linseed oil used for oilcloth is not the same as food grade linseed oil/ flaxseed oil. Industrial linseed oil has lots of nasty ingredients including chemical mildewcides and drying agents. The icky one is the one used to make oilcloth in old days. I don't have any idea if plain old linseed oil/flaxseed oil will work to produce oilcloth, since it doesn't dry the way the chemical oil does.

Anyone else have any more information?
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This is a crazily old thread, but I was wondering the exact same thing so decided to bump!

Any info would be awesome
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no idea yet, but I'm plannign to use some food grade flax oil this week to try to make oilcloth, so I'll report back on my findings
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Looking forward to hearing your results, Theresa! Good luck!
I tried making some oilcloth sandwich wraps a few days ago, using food grade flaxseed oil. The problem is, it STINKS. There is no way my smell-sensitive DD and DS will eat sandwiches wrapped in this; heck, I don't even want to.

Does the smell ever fade? What about using some other kind of oil?
If you tossed your wrapped sandwich in your purse or backpack, wouldn't the oil stain everything it touched?
it stops smelling. and it gets stiff and not at all oily. at least mine did. i think they worked out well and i am happy to put them in a cloth purse. they dont feel oily or smell at all.
Ian'smommaya, how long did it take to stop smelling? Mine have been hanging on the clothesline for 3 1/2 days and still stink.
i dont think i'm even dried out in three days. it took awhile to get it stiff :)tehe
and not smelling.
prolly a week? maybe 10 days.
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