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I was doing some reading on liquid biotin and apparently its effective in treating eczema with kids that have PKU, as they generally have deficency in biotin. Evidently deficiency is rare, but I'm wondering if it would be useful to supplement DS as he is prone to eczema (who doesn't have PKU BTW). Its not stored in the body like Vitamin A so it appears there are no toxicity concerns.<br><br>
Evidently its also good metabolizing fats (score for me!) and helping to regulate blood sugar for those with type 2 diabetes.<br><br>
Any thoughts? Here's the wiki article: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
I'm already dosing him with a liquid multi, plus a cal/mag supplement. I'm considering adding biotin to the list, but I wonder about over killing supplements. I just started taking it myself for nail strength.
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