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making a list of notable businesses that have gone belly up due to the pandemic...

(in no particular order)

• 24-Hour Fitness
• Gold's Gym
• Neiman Marcus
• J. Crew
* Metro Cash and carry
* Pier 1 Import
• Hertz
* Brooks Brothers
• Jos. A. Bank
* Men's clothing house
* California Pizza Kitchen
* Chuck E. Cheese
* Ann Taylor
* Lane Bryant
* Remington

trading didt's stop
so, should we start trading?

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Not only the economic market, but the whole world is now undergoing severe times, and will survive only really stable and strong industries. The pandemic has already led to a temporary drop in the cryptocurrency market but I belive that that bitcoin will still become the " digital gold». For example, bitcoin faucet has become popular in recent times. I think many of you have already heard about this. It is not for nothing that bitcoin is considered the most popular cryptocurrency today so do not understimate it.
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