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List your morning sickness remedies here!!!

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So, for those of us who were insanely sick w/ our first- did anything help? Even a LITTLE bit? Please share! The only thing that brought me any relief was wearing seabands 24/7 for about a week...and then they stopped working :LOL I am terrified that I am going to be sick like that again, but working as hard as I can until that dreadful day...

Please share your remedies (if you had any!)
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I wish I'd had more success, but a few things helped a SMALL amount when I was pregnant with dd:

-Resting/sleeping as much as possible
-Setting the alarm for ~2 am and having dh fetch me saltines with sharp cheddar; eating in the middle of the night made my blood sugar not dip so low by morning.
-Deep breathing
-Forgetting about what I "should" eat and just eating whatever I thought I might keep down (McDonalds cheeseburgers)
-"Surrendering" to the hurling - fighting it only made it feel worse

These things really did NOT help me:
-Ginger ale
-Crystallized ginger (yuck!)
-Eating a healthier diet - couldn't keep it down
-Homeopathic nux vomica

I'm going tomorrow for acupuncture, which I've never tried for anything. I've heard it works for some people, so I'll let you know how it goes. Oh, and I took homeopathic pulsatilla several times yesterday which seemed to help me. But it's a good remedy for me; you have to find what works for you. Most other remedies I've tried do nothing for me.

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homeopathic ignatia and homeopathic pulsatilla.. they were the only thing that i found that worked. they are cheap remedies and really amazing!
Last time, I was queasy a lot, but not sick often. I found that as long as I was putting something in my mouth (not hard because I was always hungry), it didn't threaten to come up. Hot Tamales candies were especially helpful.

This pregnancy started the same, but I'm seeing a chiropractor now and she has me on some vitamins. When I take them, I'm not queasy. I'm not hungry all the time either. Apparently, my body was asking for something specific and I just wasn't "getting it."
Milk thistle and cod liver oil (less than 1 tsp/day). Cod liver oil is great for pregnant mamas!

Also drinking lots of water and drinking red raspberry leaf tea (for the iron).

We shall see! It started up around week 6 for me last time, and lasted through the 7th month, so I REALLY want to be proactive and do all I can to avoid it this time.
I dont feel so bad in the morning, its the rest of the day.. I am queasy all day long, even when I go to bed.
It does help to get a good meal in me in the morning though. I am eating enchiladas right now! Yum!
Im with boobiemama: I'm more of an afternoon sickness. Red Rasberry Leaf tea and Pregnancy tea have both soothed the stomach for me. Making sure I don't go too long without nibling on something too. If my stomach is empty I start to feel queasy. I really don't have it too bad. The week before I found out I was pregnant I was puking every afternoon around 4pm. And the folling week quite the same bt now I am more queasy and keeping it down. But since our hormones continue to increase I am sure I will ride the :puke wave again.
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Oh and I forgot to add that last time, I LIVED on frozen juice popsicles (the natural fruit ones). I must have gone through 4 boxes of them. And eating a cookie when I started to feel like I might throw up seemed to help quell the nausea, too.

I am sure there were other things, but it seems like so long ago!
B complex vitamins daily helped. I can not find the research for it now, but I will keep looking and post it.

It was hard to take it at first, because of the nausea, then after I had been taking it for 3 days it started working and the nausea would only come back when I forgot to take them.

Originally Posted by Boobiemama
I dont feel so bad in the morning, its the rest of the day.. I am queasy all day long, even when I go to bed.
It does help to get a good meal in me in the morning though. I am eating enchiladas right now! Yum!

Hey, I was like you my first three pregancies. Yay, I found a fellow weirdo like me!!!!! kidding, well kinda. I know you are not weird, but evening nausea instaed of morning sickness, is unusual. Sorry, you feel iky though, I remember how much it sucks.
Sour Altoids Candies....and even the sour altoids gum works too.

My last 2 pregnancies i lived on Preggie pops...those things are awesome!
I had the evening sickness in my first pregnancy too, and kept wondering why the HECK they call it morning sickness???
I was so sick I couldnt sleep on my waterbed because it made me so sick.

I cant stomach those sour altoid gum, yuk. lol
What helped the othre day was a smoothie from a coffee stand, a fruity one.
Just wanted to report that acupuncture isn't working for me. She did some mugwort moxibustion, also, but it didn't seem to make any difference.

Distraction is the best thing...I'm still sick later but if distracted I "forget" about how miserable I am for a while. I hosted a surprise party tonight for a great friend, and made it through the whole evening feeling happy and not puking. Couldn't eat most of the food, but did keep some cheese and ham down AND even had a small piece of chocolate cake! But now I'm feeling SO sick again, I guess I'll go throw up and get it over with. I guess if my whole life were a party, I'd never feel sick, huh?

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I tried everything I could think of the first time.Nothing worked for me.I tried it all again the second time around and found the Relief band worked for me.It costed alot but it did work.Its like a mini tens machine that gives you little pulses.I tnik it worked by distracting me.
Peppermints in my pocket. Tons of lemon water.
I too have horrible 24/7 "morning sickness" everytime I'm pregnant, and, in addition to the wonderful suggestions provided, I simply make sure I'm never hungry. I eat twice during the night and before I get out of bed in the AM. Otherwise, the whole day is shot for me. (I think this is how I gained 60 lbs with my son, but I don't know what else to do.)

Also, I do think that distraction can sometimes work. Somehow, when I'm alone with my son and have to be "on," it's usually not as much as I just want to lay in bed and wait for the much-anticipated second trimester.
Helloe mamas~
Since this is my first time being pg, I really love this thread! My sickness started last Thursday at 5w4d. I am usually fine in the am, but by 10am, I start getting sick, and it lasts all day, sometimes until I go to bed. I have been trying to eat, but it is very hard. I am going to try some of your suggestions~Thanks mamas!
Okay, so I'm going to go back on what I said about acupuncture not working and say that I'm undecided. It definitely didn't get rid of nausea and vomiting completely, and there was no detectable sudden improvement, but overall I am feeling better. My acupuncturist thinks it's working b/c of the improvement, so I'll do more treatments I guess. I just thought it would be more immediate, then I read a study online where women went for treatment for 4 weeks versus a control group who didn't. They had a pretty high success rate; so maybe it just takes more time than I'm thrilled about waiting! I'll keep you posted.

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