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List Your Stash!!

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Ok...I see it on other boards and it's fun for sure....but I'm thinking that there are some of the BEST diaper stashes owned by people on this board!

I would LOVE to see what your lists look like!

1. List what you own
2. List what you have coming
3. List what you are hoping for next
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No way! I cannot even remember my name most days never mind my stash. I am sure someone around here might know my stash better then me.
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Ahhhh mannnnnnnn

Come on Kathleen! You are one that I would LOVE to see (ok read about) the stash!

You know...sortof vicariously living though....
My Stash:

4 doz + gerber dipes (ugh)
6 HH pockets L
2 Harleyz Pockets L
2 Butterfly Kisses AIO L
3 Little Lambs L
2 Starlight Shoppe Pockets L
4 Harleyz Pocketz "before the real Harleyz" L
2 FB pockets
1 Snapping Turtle Pocket
1 Heavenly Heiny Pocket L (w/ ladybug on cover)
1 Niji L cover
1 Old Style HH
1 BearBums AIO w/ matching bib

3 Babykicks Hemp
3 Baby Greens Hemp Nighttime Doubler
3 HH stuffins
3 WAHM fleece topped stuffers
1 or two others?!?

Received today: (hehe)
1 Lambkin Hemp fitted dipe L
3 Bellies and Buns Hemp fitted L(tried 'em last night!
1 Cloud 9 Softie? (no tag) hemp fitted dipe

Waiting on:
2 Hemp SOS
Mom-and-me-Creations - Samuel's AYN - Wool In One w/four snap in soakers
Growing Greens all hemp one-size diaper with lay-in doubler
phunky Mama Wool Diaper Cover size L
2 Harleyz Pockets L (being made as we speak!)

Is that it?

Oh well!
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OK I will try to do this from memory. This oughta be good, lol.

For Becca (the baby)
22 4x8x4 infant CPFs
12 4x6x4 infant CPFs
5 Fireflys
6 Fuzzi Bunz with Joeys
2 NB Little Lambs AIOs (almost outgrown)
1 Snickerdoodles AIO
2 Cloud 9 softie
1 Liz's Cloth size 1
12(?) Sugarpeas prints size 1
1 First Class Baby size 1
1 Little Caboose size 1
1 7th Heaven Sherpa

1 Wooly Wonder Soaker
1 Sugarpeas wool cover
lots of misc PUL covers

For Sarah (the 21 month old)
36 premium CPFs
1 Liz's Cloth size 2
2 7th Heaven all hemp
10(?) SOS
6 Sugarpeas prints size 2
1 new Firefly
4 old Fireflys
2 Babykicks Hemp prefolds
6 Lg Joeys
1 Luke's Drawers Cotton Kiss

3 Fuz Easys
1 Sugarpeas wool cover

I am sure I forgot some but I don't feel like looking right now.
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hmmmmmmm...this is hard but i'm going to go off the top of my head.

fitted diapers:
2 choochoobooties fitted diapers (1 newborn 1 medium)
2 newborn nanipoos
1 country cuttins
2 momufactured
2 lukes drawers hugs
1 lukes drawers cotton kiss
1 old style sleep tight firefly
2 sos'
numerous homemade and misc. wahm made diapers

2 nighty newts
4 froggy fleecers
18 infant ubcpfs
2 premium cpfs (i have no clue where those two came from LOL)
6 or 7 medium and large joey bunz
numerous homemade and misc. wahm made prefolds

1 momufacted (that i washed and dried on hot so many times that i ruined the pul in less than a year. i loved that diaper so much, i loved it to death and now it is a fitted LOL)
1 REAL honeyboy made by jody
way too many hb homes LOL
1 zootkitty "true" aio
1 manyducks
1 manyducks pul os aio
1 pul cuddle in one dragon applique
numerous homemade aio's

pocket diapers/covers:
1 fuzzi bunz
numerous homemade

3 med. bummis sww
4 small proraps
12 newborn diaperaps
6 zootkitty covers (3 snap ins to make into aio's)
1 tuesday bear chili pepper windpro
1 tuesday bear lavender pull on
1 cucumber seed crocheted wool tester

hmmmmmmm...i know i have more, i just can't think of them right now.

i have nothing coming to me right now.
i was up half the night looking for something cool to buy and i didn't find anything worthy of my $15. :LOL

i WANT to buy but probably never will have the money for:

a kool sheep soaker
ltk soaker
ffdu soaker
wool tuesday bear soaker
more nighty newts
a mudpie or two

dangnabit, dh is nagging me, no more wishing for diapers. i've got to do laundry instead. :LOL
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My stash:

6 UB infant CPFs
12 UB regular CPFs
6 UB premium CPFs

3 Dreamboat AIOs
3 Beccabottoms AIOs
3 Bumkins
2 Valor-Kids AIOs
10 Fuzbaby snap-ins to go with 2 Fuz WIO covers(strawberry and blue skies)
1 Chumbas Super-Trim
1 Little Lambs

5 Happy Heinys
1 Dreamboats
1 Chumbas PUL sandwich
inserts: 2 small joey bunz
3 med. joey bunz
2 SMJAE hemp inserts

1 Coodles (my only fitted, lol!)

1 First Class baby wool
1 Kool Sheep soaker
1 Cushie Tushie soaker
1 soaker by Cassdarrow
1 soaker that I knit
4 Bumkins
1 Prorap
the Fuz WIO covers mentioned above
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My stash isnt as humble as I thought! * means that I made the item. (and since I am a wahm I will not self promote... I just wanna share my stash with everyone too!:LOL )

In active rotation, shared by two kiddos

HBH from trade (made by Donna of 7th heaven
girly earthy mama AIO tester (I dont know if she stayed around)

1 L Tiny Treasures
1 L Bellies and Buns
1 L Puppy Dog Tails (new owner)
3 med/L in trade from non wahms but equally talented mamas
1 one size "from the heart"... my FIRST wahm purchase
2 M*
2 one size side snapping *

6 L Bummis SIWW
1 L side snap PUL cover from Bitty Bums (I love this cover!)
1 L WP 7th Heaven (dh calls this the 24 hour cover)
1 L WP Riley Roos (nice and trim with a lay in soaker)
1 L(ame) attempt to make my own side snap cover
2 Woolie Babies wool soakers
1 Fleece cover with "the denver broncos" logo on the butt, I made this and I am so proud of it

8 toddler*
5 medium*
2 L Fuzzibunz

Stuff to Stuff them with-
7 prefolds
5 Flatfolds*
5 hempfolds*

Other Crap-
a billion wipes
one bummis travel tote
about a dozen doublers
1 snappi

I am waiting for:
Custom embroidered wool cover from 7th Heaven with ARIEL on it
Woolie Babies Skort Pants (not wool but wicked cute)
4 Whippersnapper pocket fitted (can you tell I *love* pockets?)
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12 Regular CPFs
6 Premium CPFs
6 UBCPF newborn size for stuffing

1 Cuddlebuns
1 Bikini Cuddlebuns
1 First Class Baby
2 Sugarpeas

2 Littlelambs AIO's
2 Bearbums AIO's

2 Happy Heiney's
1 Fuzzi bunz
2 Snapping Turtle Pockets

1 Stacinator Wool
1 Bizzy Bee Hive Wool

2 Bumkins
3 Bummis SWW

2 HH stuffins
2 Joey Bunz

6 fleece topped doublers


1 Snapping Turtle Pocket
2 Sweet Dreams


more Little Lambs
Liz's cloth
Lukes Drawers
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I'm with Kathleen on this one. I have way too many to remember , name , or list. My head would explode...
Well, I have some more stuff than this, but here is what we use regularily:

12 ubcfs- toddler size
12 premium cpfs - on his skinny days they fit
4 Liz's Cloth size 2
1 Buckeye Bottoms
a few ME OS

for night- 4 Firefly SleepTights, 3 Liz's Cloth Nighty Noodles (I change at night- need alot)

3 Little Turtle Knits Soakers
2 old aristocrats
(and a partridge in a pear tree! Just kidding)
1 pair of LT Longies wool pants knit by me
1 ecolovables wetter sweater
1 pair of Freshies wool pants

(I have 2 gorgeous wool side snap covers ds won't let me put on him and some PUL covers he also won't wear) as well as some SOSes somewhere in the house
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I'm going from my non-existing memory too!

12 ubcpf
11 cpf
2 hemparoos? pf's
2 lounging lizards pf's
1 RB prefold

3 liz's cloth
1 kissaluv
5 luke's drawer's
1 wahm cuddlebun in a panda print
4 first class baby
2 RB flag
3 firefly's
2 mollytogs
10 thin os cloth things I use when finally doing laundry
numerous mediums and larges just waiting to be used!

1 luke's drawers nighttime aio
3 cuddlebuns, a sun, a watermelon, and a flower butt
1 motherease

4 pink fuzzibuns
1 wahm with a moon and star

5 Joey's
tons of fleece topped soakers
40 wipes, I only use about 15 all favorites, mostly freebees!
4 snappi's!!! I lost my first one, so now I have spares!

wool Covers
2 Tuesday Bear, green willow and a blue rainstorm
1 stacinator
1 aristocrat
1 merino wool
1 fuz
wahn strawberry knit
2 bum fuzzy's
1 wahm angora pants
1 wahm pants with skort

I am getting
3 cpf with a snappi

I want to try
a zookitty or other animal dipe when dd is old enought to know there's an animal on her butt, :LOL
and all the new wahm's dipes! I'm waiting for dd to grow before I buy more,

I want more
and freebee wipes! They're the softest!
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In current rotation: (we won't go into all the stuff that is outgrown or waiting for him to grow into!)

2 Bumpy wool covers
2 Sugar Pea wool covers
2 Goodness Gracious wool covers
1 Stacinator wool cover

4 all hemp Sugar Peas fitteds
2 snap in all hemp Sugar Peas
1 7th Heaven all hemp fitted
3 Celestial Baby fitteds with attached doublers
1 Liz Cloth hemp
a variety of flats that I made

about 70 or so mommy made diapers (I'm not a WAHM)
about the same number of mommy made doublers
Doublers that either came with diapers or I bought with diapers

And about a BIZILLION wipes!

I have some stuff on the way:
Sugarplumbaby 3 hemp fitteds
Sugarbums 1 bikini hemp fitted
Criketts hemp fitted
Darling Diaper hemp fitted

I'm wanting (ok stalking in some cases!):
Kindheartedwomen hemp fitteds
Lounging Lizards (when her new diapers come out)
Baby Greens
ummm probably a few others I'd like to try too
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This is fun. Here goes:

12 regular dsq prefolds
2 infant prefolds
6 kushies classics
4 or 5 fitteds made by me

3 fuzzi bunz
1 HH
1 snapping turtle pocket diaper
1 Little Lambs QD aio
1 bumkins aio
1 Daisy Doodles aio
1 pockert diaper made by me
2 fb aios (don't use these as they wick after 5 seconds!)
1 Buckeye Bottoms
1 aio made by me

4 prowraps assorted colors
1 sww
1 Aristocrat
1 Baa Baa Bottoms soaker
1 fleece cover that I made
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Wow! You guys have a ton of diapers. I wouldn't know what to do with that many
I have for Mary-Grace the following:

23 Premium BCPF
6 Premium UBCPF

WAHM Hemp fitted
2 Liz Cloth Size 2 (That I never use. They are too bulky on her although I loved the fit on Maddie)

Alexis Pull On Pants
3 WAHM PUL covers

My stash is very plain but I do love it

I would love to have:

Any wool covers
Trim hemp fitteds
Happy Heiney

I also have a newborn stash that Mary-Grace has out grown.
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Hmm ok considering ive been cd'ing for 1.5 mos..lets see if i can do this from memory
4 angel wrap QDry
1 fleece Angel Wrap
4 Simply cloth
1 Tender beginings QDry (3 on their way)
3 Butterfly kisses
1 Dreamboat diapers
1 Bizzy B Hive fleece w applique
3 Grannys ark fleece with applique

2 Dreamboat diapers
8 FB's
8 HH's

1 Toadies
2 Lizs cloth hemp
1 unknown WAHM toile print

2 Tuesday Bear custom
1 Aristocrat (never used want to sell)
1 Sugar peas wool
1 sugar peas fleece with snap in

10 JB's for the pockets

I think thats it! I want to try some Harlez Fittedz and a fuz to see what the fuss is about..

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ooooo! I'll play!

I'm assuming just what fits, right?! This should be interesting.
What I have now

~8 SP sz1 hemp fitted
~12 KL sz1 cotton fleece fitted

~12 regular cpf's

~4 med. fleece topped Joey Bunz (these are SOOOO awesome when laid in my med. BSWW!--trimmest fit I have!)

~2 med Blue SP wool covers
~2 med Bummis Super Whisper Wraps

What I'm waiting for:

~1 Blue Merino wool pullup cover from Wooly BumBums with a CUTE turtle applique (elastic being repaired)

~1 Burgundy Merino wool pullup cover from Wooly BumBums with a ghecko applique to match the first one! (maybe 2--depends on how much material is left)

~1 pair of wool pants from Wooly BumBums; don't know what these will be made of yet, but probably the same material as the pullups.

~2 Freshies wool covers with appliques (waiting for her to get up and running again in November)

~2 Bitty Bottom soakers--crocheted and BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait!

What I'm hoping for next:

My ElBee number to come up!

Some quick dry fireflies!

Any REALLY trim diaper I stumble upon. And I'm starting to seek out diapers with cool outer prints--Valor Kids caught my eye!
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This is what fits now, and what is being made. I won't include all the doublers and stuffers, plus the stuff in storage for sale:


12 infant cpf's
12 premium cpf's
12 samuel soakers
2 nighttime samuel soakers
1 nighty newt


24 cuddlebuns
1 Darling diaper
4 Kushies classic


24 chumbas supertrim
24 stork savers
1 Darling diaper
1 Baby softwrap
6 Angel Wraps
12 Bumkins
12 Mudpie Babies
4 Honeyboy


4 Happy Heinys
7 Fuzzi Bunz


2 Aristocrats
3 Tiny Bird soakers
1 Mosaic Moon soaker
1 Baabaa bottoms soaker
1 Disana wool soaker
10 Bumpy night
3 bummis pants
12 alexis pull on pant
12 zippidy snappers
3 ME Airflows

What I'm waiting for:

2 knitty ups wool soakers
12 chumbas supertrim in the next size.
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I don't have much now, dd is potty training and I'm slowly weeding out what isn't used.

My favorites
9 FMBG AIO's 4 of which are side snapping
1 Ivy Rose(I just sold my other 3
2 Righteous Baby shell sets size 2
1 Cushie Tushie soaker, I need to get more of these :LOL

Night Time stuff

8 Grandma made fitteds
4 Bummis Whisper Pants
2 Alexis Feather lite side snap covers

Stuff I don't use
1 Salamander Soaker
1 Blue Skies Fuz Bomb
1 Burning Sun fitted
3 old style FMBG fold soakers
3 Ivy Rose contours
2 Righteous baby contours (I bought them thinking I'd use them but the shell always smells like pee after changing so I don't reuse it)
And last is my first attempt at making a diaper, it's pretty sad looking, although functional
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Yeah!! I was just thinking about starting a thread just like this...I haven't seen one since I first started coming this board and now I have a stash to share

7 Happy Heinys
1 Fuzzy bunz

12 Indian

Fitteds (in order of preference):
5 Elbees
3 Fireflys
1 Little Caboose
4 Liz's Cloth Size 2
1 Firefly Sleeptight
1 Liz's Cloth Nighty Noodle
1 Growing Greens OS
1 Cuddlebuns

Blue Skies Diaper Garden WIO (still a little big on my guy, but every once in a while I have to put in on him anyway 'cause its so pretty

Speckled Egg Diaper Garden Fuzbomb(sooo soft) and matching speckled diaper

2 Bummis Wrap Prints
1 Soaker by danaalex
1 Lamkin Wool
1 Black FuzBomb

What I am waiting for:
A Carrot Firefly from the TP
My New Zealand wool pants from the co-op...can't wait to try and Kool-Aid dye them

What I long for:
My Elbee # to come up - I want a whole baker's dozen, and a couple pairs of those beautiful dyed wool pants
A Firefly Rainbow
Another soaker by Dana
A lightweight wool jersey cover from (which I will order as soon as I see a color I like)

What I would like to try:
A pair of wool pants from sugarbums
LLL Nighty Newts and the Froggy Fleecer (?) fitteds when they come out
Any other trim, absorbant fitteds that catch my eye...I like great colors more than prints...guess that's why I like the fireflies
More cute WAHM soakers

...and I thought cloth diapering was going to save me money :LOL
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