So, the other day,
Mel (staff photographer Melyssa Holik) and I were just hanging around, shooting the breeze, sprawled out on the bouncy balls we use for desk chairs and stretching breaks, staring up at the ceiling and asking each other those age old questions: "What do you want to do?" "I don't know. . . . what do you want to do?" "I don't know; what do you want to do?" . . .

Not really, of course. We're still working on the March-April issue, so we're not exactly at a loss for entertainment. But, lately when we're avoiding work (and not playing Nerf basketball or using our Procrastination Spitball Dart Pad or making up haikus with our nifty Haikube set), we've been talking about how much we enjoy our Peggy's Kitchen shoots* each issue-and how we can bring more of that fun to the Mothering website.

In that spirit, Mel and I have decided to use this blog space as an occasional forum (and showcase, if we're successful!) for our crafty creative efforts. This month, we've come up with some things we think it might be fun to make for Valentine's Day, and we'll be blogging about them here.

Stay tuned. . .


P.S. Thanks to the magic of modern-day technology, I'm able to stop by from the future with links to the projects that we will be doing, er DID:

Bag Some Sweets for your Sweetie

OMG Truffles

Paper Doll Bookmarks (with fabulous hair!)

Love Poetry Magnet Kits

Snow Globes

Fun and Easy Felt Necklaces


*The ones where we make and shoot the recipes ourselves, with the help of the Mothering staff, then put out all the dishes for a staff tasting and review. Really wonderful staff bonding time over yummy new dishes and lively stories.

Photo: Since I don't have any shots of Mel and me lying around aimlessly, here's one from the last Peggy's Kitchen staff tasting. (I believe that in this photo, staffers were discussing the merits of Managing Editor Melissa Chianta's choice not to measure out the chocolate chips that went into the wonderfully chocolatey brownies-but to "just throw them all in.")



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