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I have just been reading some 1800's cookbooks online, using Google books. I have found some interesting finds reading this stuff makes me so excited for some reason, gives us a glimpse on the thoughts they had back in the day! (some of these are copied straight from the book, notice the different spelling):

***I'm Australian, but live in the USA so finding the dish Mac n Cheese at restaurant listed as a vegetable amusing....... I was surprised to find out this dish is over 200 years old! Obviously back in the day it was made with real milk, real cheese and cream.

***EGGS FOR WINTER USE Mrs AW Barlow Take a basket of eggs and dip in a kettle of boiling hot water putting them in and out again as quickly as possible three times in succession They will keep an entire season preserved in this way.

***Among animal fats cream and butter are of first important as foods on account of their easy assimilation.

*** The principal animal oils are cod liver oil and oil found in the yolk of egg principal vegetable oils are olive cotton seed poppy and cocoanut oil and oils obtained from various nuts

***(for the low carbers, potatoes are my weakness) Potatoes But it should not be used alone or in too great a proportion as it gives very flesh forming material When taken exclusively such a large bulk of it is required for sustenance that it results in increased size and prominence of the stomach which sometimes amounts to deformity

***RASPBERRY VINEGAR Mrs C West Put the raspberries in a jar pour into it as much vinegar as will cover them Let it stand a fortnight and then strain it off To every pint of juice add one fourth of a pound of lump sugar put it over the fire but not to boil skim it well afterwards bottle and cork closely

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