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Hello, Mamas.
I am a poet and essayist who lived on MDC during the many long years it took to get pregnant with our son. This forum was my home base during that time, and it kept me going, so I come back with my sincerest wishes that you each find your heart's desire.
My third collection of poetry, "Little Spells," explores the heart-aching road of infertility. I wrote this book during the six years it took for me to conceive. I didn't want to write about the difficulty of that, didn't want that to be my narrative, but eventually it was my narrative, and I began to try to bear witness to that time through my own experience, through myth, medicine, fairytale, potion, then speak more universally about how we become, being suspended at the crossing, the work of everyday magic, loss, and bounty. All the poetry I had read about infertility was so cryptic and still entrenched in attitudes of silence and shame. I really wanted to write the book I most needed and sensed others did too. Little Spells is available in all the usual places (Amazon, B&N, SPD, etc), but I more just wanted to share the culmination of a challenging road in the motherhood journey. MDC was such a huge support during that time.
My best,
Jennifer K. Sweeney
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