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live in bf kids have deceased mom, what to do??

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hi all.... i was just wondering if anyone had any info reguarding my situation,

i moved in with my boyfriend, i have my 3 kids here and he has his 3. well 2 of the kids are from his second wife who died about 2 years ago. i am not sure sometimes what to say, to him or the kids. i try to bring her up when the time seems right and the kids have pictures of her in their rooms so sometimes we talk about her. this is hard for me also as i am walking in egg shells sometimes, i do not want to say the wrong thing. does anyone know of any groups etc that i might be able to get involved with??
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what are their ages?
they are 9 and 3.... the youngest calls me mama but she knows her mama is in heaven, she has called me that from day 1
From my experience on having a son die and 7 dds who have to live with that fact. I would say, always be open to what they want to talk about and when. For us when people talk about our little boy it is like he is still around and a member of our family. From what you said it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job. It can be awkward knowing what to say about the loss of someone so dear. I want to give you a big
these children are blessed to have someone who is willing to try and be supportive of their grief and allow them to express what they need to express in their own time table.
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