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Living in Allston, MA?

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We've been living over here in WA for a few years now. We're ready to get back to the East Coast since all our family and friends are there. When we were last living in MA we were living in Allston. I think we were paying $1300/$1400 for a nice old 3 bedroom. We rented the bottom floor of a house and loved it.

Is Allston still liveable? How expensive is it now? How's the IT industry doing over there, gearing back up yet?

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Boston has gotten pretty pricey over the last few years. In terms of rent, it's about 1500-2000 for a 3 bedroom. You can probably find places for less expensive, but that is the average. I just bought my first house, because I couldn't afford rent anymore.

Just to let you know, Allston was having a problem with bedbugs a while back. Not totally sure what these are. But I sure don't want them biting me...LOL. But seriously, that was a while ago. I'm sure it's gotten better.
Try Roslindale. It is a bit cheaper still has T access and it up and coming. You can rent for $1000-1400.
I did see that bed bug info when I was looking online for Allston info. Eeeeep!

Hm...I've never heard of Roslindale. I'll have to see what I can find online.

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