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Living roofs?

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Anybody know much about this. We live in the woods, have a Large rubber roof that is not at too steep of an angle that gets a lot of sun (the only place that does!) Would this be a good base for a living roof? I know next to nothing about it!!!
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I haven't actually constructed a living roof, but I've done a ton of research (we were considering one for a long time, partly because it would filter our rainwater so we could use a simpler filtration system in the house).

I would HIGHLY recommend you also do a ton of research.

Other than that, if your roof support can handle the weight you should be able to install one. If it isn't flat enough, you just need to nail down 2"x2" (or something similar) pieces of wood every 6" or so. This is to keep the soil from slipping off of the roof. However, this will only take you so far. What's the pitch on your roof?

Also, to cut down on weight, you have a few options. 1) You can use straw instead of soil and just throw some wild flower seeds up there 2) You don't NEED a thick layer of soil, 1"-2" is enough.

I would go into the installation process, but I really really do recommend that you check out the web and maybe get a book. You just can't screw around w/ a roof, it has to be perfect. The process is fairly simple though (excluding whatever system you rig to get things ON TO the roof lol) and the result seems to be well worth it.

Good luck!!
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Oh yeah, and if your roof is big enough and can handle the weight, it's absolutely feasable to have a nice veggie garden up there!!
Sedums are realy nice for living roofs becase they are drought resistant, don't need much soil, etc. People used to plant them in thatch roofs to protect the roof from fires. We are doing one on one of our goat buildings and using a pond liner, 2'' of soil and then planting sedums, garlic chives, and wild flowers.
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