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I posted a couple days ago, about all this drama going on in my life right now. my world is upside down
My father passed away suddenly last week at only 52. My mom was totally unprepared of course, and now will lose her house if we don't help her. Daddy died in that house..his memory is everywhere, and I grew up there. I can't let it go. The only way we can help is by taking over the mortgage and moving.

I am so stressed about living with my mother again though. My girls run to her for everything when we visit. I don't want to lose my place. Plus, my 14 yr old brother AND 24 yr old brother live there, and until my 24 yr old bro moves out, things will be tight.

Does anyone here live with their mother or father? How is it going, combining families? we are having our 4th kid! We are supposed to be living by ourselves. This is causing such great stress, but I don't have another option aside from making my mom and brothers move to a small apartment. That would kill us all. Why does this have to be so hard? I shouldn't even be dealing with this...I should only be grieving for my father. We have to make this move next month, so we can settle before the baby comes.
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