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LLL Florida conference

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Are you interested in attending? If you aren't a paid current LLL member in Florida, but would still like to receive a registration brochure, PM me your name, email address, mailing address and zip code.

LLL Area Conference for Florida and the English Speaking Islands
Friday, September 29th - Sunday, October 1st
Holiday Inn Cocoa Beach
(Hotel discount code: LLL)

Click here to download the conference registration brochure.

Our guest speaker is Barbara Coloroso, author of Kids Are Worth It. She will be speaking on teaching kids to live ethical lives and the bully, bullied, and bystander.

Other speakers will present on topics such as:
Dad Chat
Healthy Eating
Post Partum Depression
Birth and Breastfeeding
Nighttime Parenting
School Choices
Breastfeeding and Natural Disasters
Moral Intelligence
... and more!​
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Im hoping to go, I have a friend on Coco thats wants me to stay and visit.
Who are the speekers and topics?

Im in Ft myers.
Dettwyler, Katherine

Thats the correct spelling of this ladys name I REALLY wanna hear her speak and plan on getting her book.

I misspelled it on your survey, sorry.

Our "main" speaker right now is Barbara Coloroso. She is so awesome! She's the author of:

Kids Are Worth It:
giving your kid the gift of inner discipline

Just Because It's Right Doesn't Make It Wrong:
teaching kids to think and act ethically

The Bully, the Bullied, and the By-stander:
breaking the cycle of violence

Parenting Through Crisis:
helping kids in times of loss, grief, and change

Winning at Parenting without Beating your Kids

Winning at Teaching without Beating your Kids

Here's her website:
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I REALLY hope to make this event. I'll have to reg. early.

I'm from brevard county!!! I'd love to go!!!
I'll definitely post when the registration info is available.
Absolutely! We've got some great speakers lined up and activities planned!
Hmm.. looking forward to seeing more info on the conference...
I'll be there! With 2 MDC friends I assume - we should plan to all meet for lunch one day!

Originally Posted by clane
Hmm.. looking forward to seeing more info on the conference...
Hi! I'm working on finalizing the speaker/topic list right now. I'm not ready to release it publicly yet. But if you would like to know what's on the schedule right now, just PM me and I'll send you a quick link to session info. (But just know that it is still changing!)
I'd be game for ameet up, my hubby's going too!

Originally Posted by squirrelletta
I'd be game for ameet up, my hubby's going too!
Oh, definitely! There are two scheduled "Fathers Only" sessions. Then, there will be daddy-kiddo gatherings during the other sessions. My husband is the Host Dad for the conference, so he'll make sure everyone knows the important things - like what time the pool is open, where to buy the best pizza, stuff like that!
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Ha! We'll walk in and all the dad's will be sleeping and the kids will be screamin' and running around! LOL

Nah, this sounds awesome and some girls from my local LLL are hopin to go! Can I register yet so I'm forced to not forget?!?
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Originally Posted by squirrelletta
Can I register yet so I'm forced to not forget?!?

You can't register yet, but I'll post to this thread as soon as you can!

You CAN and SHOULD reserve your hotel room now. The rates start at $79 a night for our group, but there are only a certain number we've reserved. Here's the hotel link:
and the group code is LLL.
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I LUCKILY have a friend that just moved to Coco that beggin us to visit, so I'm sure we'll be hanging out there during the evenings.

This should be pretty cool, a "lazy dad's" way of learning some info rather than hearing it from his (*loving) nagging wife!
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I'd like to go. Can you give a website for info on the conference.

Here's the basic info so far:

If you are a current LLL member, you will automatically receive the registration brochure in the mail in mid-July.
I live in Cocoa and have a question. There is a large bf support groups at the local hospital because the closest LLL groups are at least a half hour drive. Were you planning to talk with any of those groups about the meeting happening? I would love to get back involved with LLL, but it is just too much driving with gas prices so high and unreliable transportation. The groups are run by IBCLs and seem very similar to the LLL meetings I went to in LA.
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