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LLL play date

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hey all, i can't make the LLL meeting so i was wondering if there is a play date planned anytime soon...i think i heard some of you get together in one that started there...
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It's not specifically a playdate, but a few of us are getting together tomorrow for a dying party on Hickam. I was planning to go but we have colds
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There is a playdate in the works for next Wednesday, the 15th, at Kailua Beach Park. I don't think we have decided yet if we will try to make it just a park thing or plan to go to the beach. It looks like the time will 2 pm but that's not firm yet, either. You are welcome.
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We should pick a place to meet to next wed - the market or by thr kayak rentals or something. any ideas?
Sure. I hadn't suggested a particular place yet because we hadn't decided whether we were going to try to stay away from the beach or not. I think the best thing to do is meet to the right of the parking lot across from Buzz's. That way, if anyone wants to try to keep their older kids away from the beach, it would be easier. I think that's also the biggest, most flat, grassy, shady area. Looks like it's going to be at 2:00 pm as well. Should be fun. I will have swimsuits and towels in my car just in case but will plan to stay away from the beach.
alright! i can't wait to meet you all...see ya tomorrow at 2!
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I now see that you are on the yahoo group. Were you asking about the crunchie mamas LLL group? That group hasn't done anything in a while. It's just an email list that Bridgett put together. I could email her and ask her to put you on it. Would I just use the email you have on the yahoo ap group?
It's Wednesday at 2, not tomorrow.
sure, put me on the crunchy site...i have been called that a few times before!
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