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LLL policy question

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Is it inline with LLL policy for a leader to encourage weaning? As her personal opinion, in terms of EBF?

Personal RL situation involved.

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Well, in the strictest terms, LLL leaders shouldn't be discouraging OR encouraging EBF. Our job is to give information that empowers the mom to decide for herself.

For example, if a mom says "I'm thinking of weaning my 2 year old," a LLL Leader might say "There are many benefits to nursing a toddler (give examples here) but if a mom feels it is time to move on, there are many ways to wean gently (give examples here). Are you having any particular problems with your nursing that you'd like to discuss? (here we can discuss ways to solve typical toddler nursing problems) Do you need ideas about gentle weaning? (here we discuss ways to move toward weaning)"

Does that answer your question?
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Hmmm....every LLL I know is still nursing 3+ year olds, so I suppose they don't encourage weainging...
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Opinions are not suppose to really come into play when a leader is wearing her leader hat. Just like I wouldn't tell a mom she was wrong for weaning her 1 year old if that was what worked best for her family I wouldn't tell a ebf to wean. In either case I would think a leader would give information on both sides of the issue and then support the mom in whatever decision she makes.
As a leader we have done meetings specifically related to how to go about weaning. I guess that could have been construde as "encouraging weaning" As leaders we would encourage women to do whatever neccesary to make thier nursing an enjoyable and fulfilling one. For some women that was weaning. For others it was extended nursing. we would usually alternate meeting #4 with extended nursing, introducing solids and weaning techniques.
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