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Phoenix got a cold that i had last week. i thought it had gone away, but he's still sometimes congested...looking for ideas. of course we are still EBF, but i'd heard that you can give baby probiotics? any ideas. for me, i took probiotics, inhaled steam water and it didn't go to my lungs. went away pretty quickly.

what would you do if he was yours? i don't want to go to the doctor at this point. he hasn't got a fever, wakes up happy...just want to keep it out of the lungs. he doesn't have drainage, it's even rare when i can get anything out of his nose with the bulb. but sometimes, he does have snot. (like yesterday when he's crying and that's unusual...the snot, not the crying :)) and sometimes i can hear it, like at the back of the throat.

thanks ladies, any ideas are appreciated.

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