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lo sleeping in her crib at night....

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but mommy is not sleeping
I'm sad and I miss her. I felt like I had to make this move because of what happened earlier in the week..(had a little co-sleeping scare)
anyway, it's not as bad as i thought it would be and she seems to be sleeping a little better now that she can move around, she wakes up 2X per night now compared to several times when we co-slept. I'm just having a really hard time and feeling guilty like we are not going to be as attached because she is in her crib...i know it's silly
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You shouldn't feel guilty at all. In fact, you should be very proud that you aer putting your child's needs ahead of your own.

If she sleeps better in the crib, that's where she belongs. It's about what's best for *them* even if it makes us sad.

My oldest is 15, believe me I know how hard it is to let them go even the littlest bit. But you are doing the right thing for your child and that's what matters.
No help for you, just wanted to say that as long as you are doing the best for the baby, that's what matters. You'll always be her mommy, whether or not she sleeps in your bed.
I know how you feel! My DD is 15 months and is starting to sleep longer stretches in her crib ( I put her there at the start of the night and then we sleep on a mat on the floor in her room after she wakes for a nurse). One night she slept until 6 a.m. and I woke up feeling so sad. I missed her! Your baby is so much younger, and I know it would be even harder for me at that age. But, if you feel that she isn't safe or isn't sleeping well with co-sleeping, then you are doing the right thing. Are there some other things you could do to help you feel close? Could she sleep in her crib beside your bed or you wear her more during the day so you have more close time to make up for what you aren't getting at night?
All is not lost - you can always bring DD back into the bed when she's a bit older. It doesn't have to be the end.

We just night-weaned DD at 11.5 months for health reasons, (I know it looks very early but we had to, to get her off her reflux medication) and initially I thought, oh no, that's it, no more co-sleeping.

But after a few nights of her getting used to sleeping without feeding, we are now in the bed again together

So when your DD is a little older and more able to make some noise that she's getting a bit squashed, you can bring her back in

But then we sleep on 2 twins so she has her own space, we have a lot of room.
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