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Hi Ladies! Does anyone know of local stores in MD that seel cloth diapers? I know of Bediboo and one in the Frederick Area but no others. I live in Anne Arundel County so both are a bit far for me to travel, and I work full time during the day so Bediboo is tough to get to since they close at 4pm most days.

I'm expecting my first in less than 8 weeks and I really want to use cloth diapers, I'm just so new to this I don't know what kind! I'm looking for a store that has a decent selection so I can feel them and see what the differences are and what would be best for us.

Any ideas? Do you think maybe I should order a few different kinds online and try them out? I'm still doing lots of reading on the different kinds but so far I really like Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz. Any other suggestions that are like these brands?

Please help out a new mom that really wants to use CD's!!
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