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Hey AR mamas!<br><br>
Hardin's River Mercantile is hosting a Green Friday event this Friday, Feb. 23. Just FYI. This is the info about the event from Jody Hardin, owner of the Mercantile:<br><br>
"Green Friday at the River Market- February 23rd, 2007<br><br>
Friday is BAM Green Friday on the 3rd Floor of Market Hall in the Demo<br>
Kitchen/Meeting Room, sponsored by Hardin’s River Mercantile/BAM. Green<br>
Friday is something new that is evolving from our BAM CSA membership<br>
events. Last month, we had a film screening of five short films about<br>
sustainable living issues with Shelly Green and Katie Elliot; the Chef and<br>
Sous Chef from Ashley’s at the Capital Hotel with our artisan lamb<br>
farmer, Ragan Sutterfield, of Adama Farm. Although I couldn’t attend the<br>
event, everyone seemed to enjoy this event and requested another. So here<br>
we are, two in a row, plus a couple of great Iron Chef Competitions<br>
under our belt, and I’m already thinking it could be a big hit! Why do<br>
this? The River Market is ripe for a regular quality event like this, and<br>
it will be a great venue for the local music and food events that come<br>
as we grow this event. Now that Chef Scott McGehee, and almost<br>
Governor, Rod Bryan, are in the River Market with Boulevard, we have new<br>
partners in the local food movement and I’m hoping to coordinate some events with Boulevard in the near future.<br><br>
For Green Friday, we plan to have:<br>
-Grub Club Organizational Meeting at 3 p.m., on the 3rd Floor above<br>
Boulevard Bread<br>
-Green Architects monthly meeting, with guest speakers, Martin Tull &<br>
Shelly Green of the Northwest Earth Institute; and<br>
- Jody Hardin, Arkansas Farm to Family Basket A Month CSA Program: Eating and Buying Local through Community Supported Agriculture Programs (public is invited, free)<br><br><br>
The Grub Club is a movement to eat local, seasonal foods in your daily<br>
diet. Some have already heard of the Slow Foods movement, but this is<br>
our own, local version. If you, like me, have tried to eat local as much<br>
as possible, you have found this pursuit to be quite challenging. I<br>
find the experience fun, and satisfying, too, but difficult to do alone.<br>
I know that across the country many Grub groups have formed and are<br>
prospering food communities. Recently, I have lost my enthusiasm and I’m<br>
looking forward to getting reinvigorated in pursuit of local foods with<br>
others. Joe Clark, a recent BAM member has been the inspiration, as he<br>
has a well refined and disciplined approach to eating in season and<br>
from local farms. I hope that we can start one here, with others like Joe.<br>
This is your chance to get involved and get it all started with other<br>
CSA members at the River Market. I hope to schedule Grub meetings on<br>
Basket Pickup days, along with the Green Day events in the third floor<br>
Community Room once per month."
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