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Do you have a local yarn store? If so, what is it like?

There is one in Lincoln which is close to where I live. It has a fairly good selection of yarn, and they always have the needles I want. But this week I decided to go to Omaha and see what the yarn stores there are like. One of them was so full of yarn stacked everywhere it gave me a headache. The other one was called String of Purls and was wonderful! It was decorated fabulously. They had these very comfy couches and lounge chairs where you could sit and knit. They had a great selection of yarn, and the gals working there were really fun to talk to. They have Sit and Knit sessions a couple times every week. I don't know what I'd do with ds if I went, though. I'm afraid he'd get into things or get bored if I just had him sit in the stroller. I'd love to go there and sit and knit, though.

So what are your local yarn stores like?
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