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Lochia or period?

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Ok, I think this is the first AF for me...
I haven't bled (lochia) for about 6 weeks now. This morning I noticed some brown spotting on the tp. Eww..sorry
: I don't suppose this could be more lochia do you? I was expecting to see AF since I broke out pretty bad this week. Uh Oh, Dh and I just dtd for the first time last week. NOT ready for baby #2 just yet?!

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I had something similar happen to me. No bleeding for like 10 days, then it started back up again. When my MW examined me at my checkup, she felt both my ovaries, and one was sore. She thought it was likely that I had ovulated and that it was AF. It really stinks big time.
It could be some old blood left over from having sex.
After my last 2 kids I got AF 2 weeks after Lochia left. I had it every 2-3 weeks until they were 3months. I then got pg with one and after the other it disappeared for 6months, came back for a couple, disappeared for 4 months and has been somewhat normal since(she's just over 2 now and I stopped bf'ing when she was 16months).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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