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So when am I supposed to stop bleeding bright red stuff?? In the hospital they said it would turn brown after a few days but it has been over a week and it is still bright red. There is not copious amounts of stuff but still....Any BTDT mamas want to help me out with this? I have been taking it extremely easy, just taking care of the babe. Also every once in a while if I move wrong or sneeze I get a sharp pain in my abdomen, I am assuming this is my uterus and that it is normal? My pelvis is soooo achy as well. Just a little concerned....any advice?
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Well it's been awhile for me, but I remember mine staying red for at least a couple of weeks, maybe longer. I think your aches and pains are normal. Mine turned brown toward the end, but I did too much (laundry and cleaning, etc.) and it started bleeding red again. So I had to take it easy for awhile. I don't think you have anything to worry about right now though. Sounds normal to me.
do you have a fever? any signs of infection? does the discharge smell any different than a normal bleed would? has it changed in odor? if not, just keep taking it easy and don't overwork your body. birth is hard work, and maybe your body is doing what it's supposed to.

It's been 21 months, but... I *think* mine didn't turn brown, or if it did, it was WAY at the end. I just didn't have real heavy bleeding after the first few days. I was able to abandon the monster hospital pads and switch to regular maxipads. I bled for 3 weeks total (which is a short time, from what I hear - I've got friends that bled for 6 weeks).

You can always call your care provider and ask if it was supposed to turn brown, but I really don't think it has to. Ok, I just looked it up in "The Mother of All Pregnancy Books", and it says it starts out bright red and then tapers off to an almost colorless or yellowish discharge. I think I had the yellowish way down towards the end. This doesn't say anything about it turning brown within a few days, so I think you're probably ok, but again, it never hurts to call your care provider and ask.
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Mine was red the whole time up to the last 3 days when it turned brown. I know that I overdid it but the bleeding was never any heavier than my regular periods had been so I didn't understand what they had said about the clots, which I never had, and the heavy bleeding and color change. I was too shy to ask the dr or anyone else so I didn't and I think I am ok.
(I'm 5 months pregnant again as I type and dd is 10 months)
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