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Long Beach Area Mommies

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Was just wondering if there are any other mommies around Long Beach
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Hi --

I've been hanging on the LA mom's page, and am happy to see a Long Beach mom!
I'm a mom-in-utero, actually, due 12-12-04. But I'm a Long Beach woman.

When I try to introduce myself I sound like a single's ad... but: I'm Renee, 31, wife to Aaron, dog-mom to Daisy, and newly expectant mom to the person we are calling Zy-the-Goat, for now. I'm a professor at CSULB; dh is a gardener. We rent in the Carroll Park area. We moved here from NYC via Alabama (long story) in 2001.

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Hi ladies, I'm in Costa Mesa, but recently moved here from Belmont shore. Mom to 13 month Rhys, partner to my husband Eric and dog mom to Lula and cat mom ! to Bageera. Would love to chat with you! jeanette
Im here in the LOng beach are, by the big traffic cirle. Termino and Anaheim-ish. I'd love to find more long beach mamas!
i'm off la verne near 2nd street
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Yea, more LB mamas! We're up by El Dorado park ... I was born and raised here and live 1/4 mile from my dad's house where I grew up.
Dh and I have lived here for 5 years; before that we were both in school in San Diego (UCSD). I
it here.
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wow! its so nice to see so many lbc moms. I just finished teaching summer school and now I start jury duty (!) so I'm still posting kind of infrequently (and need to pm Dustysweety!!) but wanted to hop on and say hi.
we should all try and play a day to get together
that would be fun

i'm done babysittin now since i had a problem with a neighbor causing probs and couldnt handle the stress the neighbor is nosy and called a abuse hotline and said the kids i was watching i locked outside and didnt feed them lunch and i was inside sleeping * all bs* they had just ate lunch and i was up and they could come inside if they wanted. i had a cop show up at my door and saying he got a call and he said by what he heard it had to be someone in my building.

i'm free anytime now
except this friday i might go shopping with a friend i met walking my dog bailey lol she has a son whose like 12
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Belmont Shore Mom-to-be here!

HI, Dusty's (I'm aka LisaE on ovusoft)
Hey lisaE i pm'd you
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belmont shore mommy here. i live on prospect. i have a month old and a 3 year old. lets plan a playdate. any of you mammas go to lll?
Kinda in the LB area, I'm in the South Bay and lots of the LA area gatherings are too far for me. I was at the Aquarium of the Pacific today, as a matter of fact.
hi lbc mama's. i have a question! I'm due in about 4 months, and thinking about switching gyms to one that has child care, and swimming lessons, etc. does any one have any recommendations? we're bally's folks now -- because when we lived on staten island ny it was the only gym! but we're eager to get out of corporate gym-dom.

happy the heat has broken! play dates sound fun, i can't wait til I have one to play with!!!
theres a gym on 2nd street but i dont know if it has a childcare area
Howdy folks,

I noticed that this is an old thread but I'm newly pregnant and I wanted to say Hi!

I live in North Long Beach (by the 91 and 710 fwys). We are New Yorkers living in CA. My husband is a LAPD officer :cop: We don't have any family in CA except our 3 dogs

We are expecting our first in April 2005. I am excited and feeling sick. I'm constantly nauseated and dizzy.

It would be great to make friends with some other expecting moms in the LB area.

Hope to get to know some of you,
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I'm in Lakewood

I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 5mo old. Anyone up for the Aquarium this week? There's lots to see and mostly indoors in case of rain
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