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Long car ride - Advice needed

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I am 31 weeks along now and this weekend I am going to be traveling to my IL's house that's 3-4 hours away.

I'm already tense about the trip because 1) we're visiting my IL's 2) I'm in my third trimester 3) I have to pee all the time and 4) I'm sure my back is going to hurt really badly 30 minutes into the ride.

But what really freaks me out is that this baby HATES car rides. Even 10-15 minute rides upsets him/her and I get kicked in the ribs the entire time.

Does anyone have any suggestions for calming the baby down or making this trip more tolerable?
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Make frequent stops so you can stretch your legs & tinkle

Does your seat lean back so you can recline some?
Sit in the back seat so you can stretch your legs & lay down if necessary~
Try not to stress about where you are going
I realize that is easier said than done~
Keep drinking your water so you don't get dehydrated & that will help with the stops

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Make sure DH knows that the trip WILL take longer, since you need to pee often. When I was preg last time, DH would add an hour to the trip time to cover all pee stops.
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What they said, plus:

Buy a lumbar support pillow for your back.

In terms of "calming the baby down" -- I don't quite understand why you think the baby hates car rides? Maybe s/he is *excited* and LOVES car rides and that's why s/he's kicking! But to calm him/ her down (cause rib kicking hurts, regardless of whether the baby thinks it's fun or not!) I would suggest: no caffeine, no sugar (or very low sugar), lots of belly rubbing, and talking to the baby and asking it to be a little more calm (this can actually work, if you believe in it.)
Hmm, coming from someone who has irritating inlaws just about 5hours away and a 1year old that hates the car - why aren't your inlaws coming to visit you? I visit them maybe once a year, only after being guilt tripped by my husband who wants to see his 100 year old great grandmother. Puhlease, a pregnant mom with an infant shouldn't have to deal with this crap.
what they said

plus last long car ride i wish i had brought one of those hand massagers for my back or a tennis ball or SOMETHING to put some pressure on it. when you get there it may hurt for a couple of days but lots of walking will help work it out.
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