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how far away is long distance?

Right now I am dating a man who lives about 1hr 15 min from me by car which isn't looong distance but damn I feel the distance because being a single mama its not like I have that 2 1/2 hour round trip time just at my finger tips all the time. Luckily he is very willing to drive to me but he has a life too KWIM , very busy with his carear. And he was very happily single for the four years before we hooked up so he is used to his space.

I fnd little snippets of time to go out to see him when I get off work early and the such so thats nice because I can sometimes suprise him like last friday

We have both just made a commitment to see eachother AT LEAST once a week no matter what we have to do....

I'm looking foward to this weekend because we get Sat night - Monday morning together CHILD FREE whoo -hoo!

I've done looong distance 2 states away before. In a lot of ways it was good because the communication had to be frequent and meaningful but damn I spent a lot of time missing that man.
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