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Long shot...Anyone from Lake Shelbyville, IL area?

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I live near the lake and am just wondering if there are any other small-town MDC mamas around here. I have met some great ladies up by Decatur, but would also like to find some people closer to home. Anyone?
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Hmm I'm in Springfield, where is Shelbyville? :LOL
:LOL I'm about 70 minutes east of Springfield.
I have family that lives in Herrick and St. Elmo. Shelbyville is a cute little town! I live in Peoria....
Wow, there are so many AP moms in Peoria! Shelbyville is about 30 minutes south of me since I'm at the northern end of the lake, and Herrick is probably an hour south...and I'm not sure where St. Elmo is. But if you're ever in the area, feel free to look me up! (Well, you know, PM me. :LOL )
The only reason I even know where Shelbyville and Lake Shelbyville are is because my (childless) SIL grew up in the former and one of the moms in our MDO co-op has a summer home on the lake.

Maybe you will get lucky.
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Yeah, I keep finding people who know where it is or vacation here or know someone from here, but no one who actually lives here, LOL.
Currently stuck in Sullivan, IL - on another side of the lake. I'm surprised to see this thread!
Seriously, you're in Sullivan?! Did you notice where I said I live on the north end of the lake?
I live just a few minutes up the highway and am going to the Sullivan park this afternoon. I think I'll PM you!
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