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Sadly, I need to find new homes for our three cats. Our youngest son is allergic, and after trying EVERYTHING, we realize we need to find new homes for them

They are all adults, two males and one female. They are spayed/neutered and declawed.

Male 1 is black, about 7yo
Male 2 is black w/a bit of white and 5yo
Female is calico, 7yo, a GREAT hunter/mouser, even declawed she always brings us goodies!

I'd prefer if Male 1 goes to a home with either of the others, as he is pretty dependent...the other two are totally independent. They all are indoor/outdoor cats and are great with kids, dogs, and other cats. I hate to get rid of them.

I'm willing to drive them almost anywhere in AZ
We are in Northern AZ, and will drive to Flagstaff and Phoenix to give them a good home. We go to CA for vacation sometimes, and might be willing to drive them there, too.

Please email me at [email protected] or pm me, thanks!

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