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Long tail cast-on method?

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What is the long tail cast on method? The picky pants pattern said to use this, and I kinda ignored it
: and just cast on the regular way and left a long tail of extra yarn at the start. I finished the pants and they're pretty fabulous (if I do say so myself), but the only thing I think I did wrong is when the cast-on edge gets knit in with the live stitches for the covered elastic waistband, it didn't come out exactly like the picture in the pattern. It still looks nice, but there's a ridge row where the cast-on edge meets the live stitches whereas in the pictures, it looks totally smooth. I'm about to start my second pair (can you say addicted?), and I think maybe the problem the first time around was that I didn't cast on correctly, and I'd like to do it the right way this time.

Any info/advice greatly appreciated!


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Get to know Knitting help shows cast on methods - they're videos from your perspective, so you can completely copy what she's doing.

I could be wrong, but I think the biggest differences are that the long tail cast on is more stretchy and it creates your first knit row automatically. It is pretty easy. Go to for a picture of how to do it.
Yeah, the long tail cast on works best for the Picky Pants pattern because, as a PP mentioned, it creats a knit row in and of itself. It's my favorite cast on, actually. And those videos at are fantastic! I've been knitting for five years, and I still refer to them all the time.
yepper,s what they all said
The long tail is also sometimes called the "two tail" cast on, so if you can't find anything good on logn tail, try searching for two tail (but I'm pretty sure that knittinghelp has a great long tail video)
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I don' t have the PP pattern, but I've made a covered elastic waistband before. I'm wondering if you didn't accidently reverse direction after the waistband, so that it folded outwards putting the cast on edge on the outside of the pants instead of the inside. Is that possible? What you describe is what I think it would look like if you did that.

If this doesn't apply to the PP, ignore. :)
Thanks for the help! I am practicing the long-tail method and getting ready to cast on for picky pants #2.

mommy-e: Luckily, even though I didn't do it quite right the first time, the "ridge" row is on the inside of the waistband, so it's not really noticeable at all (dw actually thinks it looks really pretty).

Hoping this next pair will be totally PERFECT.

Thanks again!

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