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long time lurker...

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well maybe not that long. about 6 months? I joined up some time ago and just haven't gotten around to posting. How do people find the time to stay on top of everything is what i want to know!

Anyhow, am a part time social work phd student with a little honey girl who just turned a year, a great grown up honey (we celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversay today by uh... taking the cats to the vet. sigh) and four kitties. don't really feel like an AP purist, but who cares.

will try to keep up here!
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HI! And welcome to the boards! I am actually only on for awhile late at night when the kids are sleeping. It's how I wind down for the day. But tonight my dh is working late and I drank a little too much caffeine....LOL
Welcome, I am a long time lurker aswell. I can't keep up either, there is so much going on here, but alot of great resources
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Welcome to the boards
Wife to Dominic

Mama to Issi
& Griffin
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Welcome to MDC!
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