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Longaberger Baskets

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Any interest in these? I have quite a few and would like some of them to leave my house
If there is interest, I will post pics.

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I would be interested..I would love to get one for my mom for Mother's Day...PM if you have time
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Post um mama!!!!
Id be interested too!!!
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Also interested but want to see pictures too.
Ok mama's, I don't have time to post pics today. Here is what I have off the top of my head that I am wanting to part with (all traditional color) : a 2001 spoon basket, 2000 pen holder, 2000 chives booking basket, 2000 cracker basket. All have protectors

I also have some specialty baskets in storage containers in the garage. I won't be able to get to them until this weekend. Let me know if you are particularly interested in any of the above and I will *try* to get to pics tonight!
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I'm interested in larger baskets (at least 12" long). The bigger, the better.
Size matters. LOL
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I'm interested in the cracker basket and the spoon basket.

: Liz! I have to agree
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Do you by chance have a vanity basket, candle basket, spring basket or 2002 Easter basket stashed away?
I added pics

How about $10 ppd each?
Rubyred, I am pretty sure that I have vanity basket somewhere and possibly a candle basket. I will look over the weekend and get back to you. My family has many Longaberger reps and at one time I think I must have had a hundred baskets all given as gifts.
And yes, I totally agree that size matters!
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I'll take the small spoon and pen holder for $20
Cracker and spoon sold
Pen holder pending

Chives Booking is still available
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pm'd ya
HI. Do you have any large baskets??

Liz, I will look over the weekend and let you know!
All pending or sold. LMK if you are looking for something in particular
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