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Longie or Shorts pattern, not licensed to sell

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Hello All. I am an average knitter & I want to make some longies or shorts to sell. I can not afford the licensing fees on some of the patterns I have seen. I only want to make a few pair to sell at an upcoming LLL conference for a group fundraiser. Anyone know of a pattern where the owner does not mind if you make them to sell? Thanks.
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If you are donating the knitting for charity, most designers will let you use their patterns. They do ask that you list proper credit for the design and something like donated with permission from____- which is only fair.

Email them and ask.
The lady who made the punk knitter pattern says she doesn't mind if you use it to sell. It's for soakers not for longies though. Here it is.
Thanks Jlav, I did make a few of her soakers...Love the pattern. Now looking for shorts & longies too!! To have a small variety....

Any more info out there??????
Have you asked any of the pattern sellers if they would make an exception for your circumstance, being that you're using it for an LLL fundraiser? I think your best bet would be to determine which pattern you'd *like* to use, and ask the owner directly.

Some licensors also offer a low-cost "limited" license option - so many per month or year - and a few pattern owners build a limited license right into their pattern. Does LTK still do that? Or was that with just a select few patterns?
I'm pretty sure the Aubrey Doodle pants pattern is not licensed...Last time I checked all she asked for was a small donation.
I'd ask every time, but Theresa of LTK let me knit soakers without a liscense for the auction at our LLL conference in Phoenix last year. They didn't go for nearly what I thought they would (there seemed to be several people auctioning soakers), but the DIY yarn/knitting basket I made up did quite well (a couple of skeins of plain yarn, kool aid packets, dowels, buttons, fimo and instructions on how to dye your own yarn and make your own needles). I may do another dye your own basket this year, and skip the soakers.

I sent Theresa an email asking permission and she was very gracious and friendly in her reply. You may find you get a similar response from other pattern writers.

I also asked for, and received, permission to use LTK patterns for knitting for charity (LLL auction last summer). She told me I could use any of the patterns to knit for LLL
. BUT, I second amey that you should always ask. This is just to say that you should have no problem getting permission. Good luck with your fundraiser!!!
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Thanks Ladies. I will PM Theresa in a few days.
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