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"LONGIE" Spam please!

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I must have a pair (or 2 or three) of these!
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Me too!!!

Please spam me, too.... now that I finally decided to get a couple of pair (for christmas,... yeah, uh huh... that's it...) the WAHM I thought I'd get to make them is closed to custom orders... OY VEY!!!

Spam me, please!!!

Thanks! Lo
Two wahms that I've seen recently selling them are Woolie Babies and Flicker N Suds.

Flicker N Suds -
Woolie Babies -

I think Little Turtle Knits has them too... I can't remember off the top of my head. I'm going to order a couple of pairs for Emily. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay very cold here in TX... we get a few days, though.

Teri - nak
I'm not sure if the cushie tushie is still open for custom orders or not, but I've been drueling over the pair on her website for weeks now! She makes them with a matching hat too!!!
I don't think anyone can actually 'stock' them for long anyway you best bet is to try and get some on auction? ebay or wahmchicks, possibly family auction? good luck!

(and no The Cushie Tushie is closed for customs right now sorry) all the way! I was a tester for the wool pants and I love them. I ordered some lifesaver pants from her. Plus, I like the other stuff she sells too!
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Plus, I like the other stuff she sells too!
OH, I know! I love the idea of the felted soap... I'm going to order some as Christmas gifts... especially for my son who doesn't like to bathe.. anything to encourage him!

I haven't tried it yet, but heard good things about the WOW soap... it's a wool wash.
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