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Look at these beautiful prefolds :)

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I just got these pics of my beautiful prefolds and had to share! Shelly from made them for me. I
the colors and patterns she came up with. I am simply in awe of this talented momma
I am so happy
This is my second custom order and I will be back again and again! Thanks so much Shelly

The link is for pictures of her custom orders...mine are the first 2
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Oh, those are simply beautiful. *Now* I remember why I wanted dyed prefolds

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Those are amazing!!!! I didn't know this kind if work was possible! Do you send her your prefolds or does she only use new ones?
They are new, but she might dye some you sent her. I have never asked. You can check out her store for instock dipes too
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Wow Stacey! Those are adorable!! Just gorgeous, how lucky your little baby bums are to be wrapped in those!

Hey, I meant to ask, what size dipes do your little ones wear? I should have tester dipes done by next week...still waiting on the danged serger and snap press....

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WOW those are very beautiful. Shelly does great work.
Wow, Shelly's been busy!

Those are beautiful prefolds, but that playsilk is awesome!!!

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Those are so cute. I love the pastel ones. Now I want to spend money. Shame on you
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ooooooooooh! love those!
Doesn't that make you want a snowcone?

I love the ONE that I have for Kenny. Okay, fine! I WILL SEND IN MY OTHERS TO BE DYED. The one I have is in blues. I soaked it overnight with WHITE diapers that had stains and nothing ran! I MEAN NOTHING! So, I'm sold. If I can wash that much color with all whites and no problem - that makes me

Go Shelly
Get your groove on!
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I think that's one of the best parts...I do not worry about what I wash them with. I wash them with my gleaming white prefolds and they have never bled
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They never bleed? That is fantastic! It would be my only concern really. Those are really gorgeous diapers.
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wow wow wow!!!!


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