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Look What I Just Bought!

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For my pregnant friend--thank you to whomever suggested these diaper bags!
I have a dozen WAHM diapers (various), an extra wetbag, 2 knitted merino nb soakers, a Weleda babycare kit w/cute organic dolly, 2 toot sweet wool covers, and I am making a hat and blanket (knitted) to stuff the bag with! Think that'll do
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Such an awesome gift! She's one lucky and special friend
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How gorgeous!! I agree...what a lucky friend to have you as a friend!!
In my next life I want to come back as Morwenna's closest, dearest, (fertile) friend.
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Um, Morwenna, if you're looking for any new friends I'm available.

What an awesome present!
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I'm kinda lonely. Can we be friends?

I'm having hummus and bagel chips. May I offer you some? How about tea?

Seriously, thats a gorgeous bag and what a way to get a new baby's bum pooping in the right direction.
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Wow, that is a gorgeous bag! And the stuffin's sound pretty marvelous too!
Hee hee - can you be my new friend too?? Esp. next time I'm pg

Beautiful bag and what thoughtful gifts!
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Beautiful! You are an awesome friend - that mama's so lucky to have you
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Oh that is just BEAUTIFUL! I wanna be your dearest friend (we are already 'friends' right?
) and I am pg!!
LOL How are you feeling hon? You need someone to treat you too!
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What a fantastic gift.
Not many babies come into this world owning 2 (count them TWO) MM soakers. Lucky baby and what a friend!
Seriously, I am still in awe.

I think you have a LUCKY friend!
You are so invited to my next baby shower!

That's an awesome gift. And I thing your friend will totally appreciate the amount of time that you put into it too. Thoughtful gifts are the best ones, they let you know that your friends love you!

Wow! What a beautiful bag!

Your lucky friend and her baby are going to be off to a great start!
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WOW - beautiful bag! What a lovely idea to fill it full of such amazing stuff too! You are definitely a great friend!
Wow! That is a pretty bag. What a nice friend you are!
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